How to apply new social media tactics to your business

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With the changing eras, social media has gained great importance overtime. Most of the businesses are advertising through social media channels and that proves to be so attractive. So here are some tactics that if you’ll apple in social media advertising of your business, you will surely be successful:

Don’t hide your personality:

The very first tactic that you need to apply to your business is that you need to show up the person behind the brand which you are promoting. There was a time when doing safe branding was okay and people never bothered to know the person behind the idea, but know be bold, take the occasional risk and let the people know about the person behind the account.

There are the chances of funny memes or humorous content but still if your brand is good and people are attracted towards it then all that memes and contents will soon be obsolete.

Think out of the box:

There are a large number of brands that are promoting their brand through social media. For you, the main thing is to think out of the box. You employees and customers could be used as brand advocates, ask them to promote the brand beyond the brand’s account and on their personal accounts too. This is the way when you could get more or even buy Instagram followers of your brand by engaging you team with you.

Go Live:

Face book has come up with a new trend of live video that could help you more in promoting your brand. The regular videos that you upload gain six times less interactions than that of the live videos. Live videos can’t be skipped or opted to watch later as like videos that are on YouTube that is why live videos are compelling and they are refreshing for the people who are just bored by watching the same old and boring videos.

Focus on Small Influencers:

Buy Instagram LikesUsually the brands with 100,000+ likes are considered to be fake by the customers and public. The best way for you to get people’s attraction towards your brand is that you must start by the small influencers. As it has been observed in different studies that the accounts with less followers have more people engagements than the accounts with more followers have.

Tag influencers:

Tagging has always been a good tactic in using social media. Whether its hastags or tagging influencers or different brands in your promotional posts, it always gains the attraction of people and this is the way by which you can target a huge audience.

Find your best content and then repurpose it:

Being a brand that has been using social media to get promotion, you need to fill up your social calendar with a yon of content and if you are running out of time then you must find ways to repurpose the content of yours that has always been the best. You could use quotations and statistics from different blogs and then turn it into graphic and post it. You can use data from case studies or issues that have been discussed before on social media. This is the way in which you could use the old data and facts and then repurpose that to get the people attracted towards your brand.

​What Are The Benefits of Followers on Social Media?

Everyone nowadays is focusing on gathering a huge audience or great number of followers on. There are countless benefits of using social media and some of them are enlisted below;

One may encourage a change

More followers on Social media gives a person an opportunity to inspire or generate a change. Currently, the trend of using hashtags online as initiated by the celebrities is getting viral on every social media application. It is not just often taken by common media channels or avenues reaching a much bigger audience. By getting many followers on social media accounts, one could deal with any issue regarding social, political or environmental roots with more confidence and power, and the best thing is that people or followers are more apt of taking immediate action just because of the posts they go through.

More Fame with 300 Followers

Most of the artists invest their precious time in designing their crafts and art but that keeps their creativity and their work to themselves. But when it comes to Post their work on any social media, doing this undoubtedly drag the attention of more people from the every corner of world hence making the artist famous.

Greater Promotion and Publicity

Social media is one of the best platform for marketing of goods and products online. And for greater marketing purposes a company or businessman needs to have more and more followers on his social media applications like Instagram and Twitter. In this regard, Fashion industry greatly depends upon fame and the fashion artists are keen of using social media applications such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram for this cause i.e. more fame and more popularity. Having more followers on social media can transform the fashion artist into fresh new talent as more people get to know about him. That fashion artist is then welcomed and appreciated by people. This opens the way for him leading to a bright future.

Make more Money

One may make more money just by having a huge audience on their social media accounts like on YouTube and on Instagram, more specifically. One may drag more money via advertisements on Instagram. Generally, Marketers always search for the approaches and ways that would lead them to the new markets. And when they see a profile of any Instagrammers with a larger audience of millions of followers, then they try every possible way to contact that very person so he can advertise their products on his profile. There are a few popular Instagrammers who get paid for advertising the products of online marketers in their profile. Hence, more followers on social media accounts can be no less than a blessing for a person.


Buy Real Instagram Followers

In today’s saturated online market, it can be exceptionally difficult to climb to the greasy ladder of success. Classifying such agencies to see which one trumps the other can be a difficult task because there are no set criteria to determine to rank. Most often, the gross and net revenue is the determining factor in such cases. Accenture Interactive currently holds the vote for the largest marketing firm in the world with an estimated revenue of $4.4 Billion.

One can also look at the number of employees currently employed by the agency or the number of offices they have globally. Association with a giant parent company also some adds some heft to rankings of the online marketing agency.


Social media has been on a rampage swallowing oceans full of individuals and converting them into religiously regular users. This is the primary target audience for most of these top marketing companies.

They advertise the majority of their products on sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Here they have an opportunity to Buy Real Instagram Followers and use them to lure potential customers to their page. This way they can reach customers of a nearly global scale from every nook and cranny of the world.


Online firms put a lot of time and effort into making sure their firm tops search engine rankings. Visibility to searchers will ensure greater traffic to their website which in turn will lead to an increased number of sales for their products.

They focus on increasing their site’s crawlability and index ability which is necessary to at good terms with search engines like Google. Other optimization techniques such as keyword manipulation are used to draw potential customers to their sites.


As opposed to traditional marketing systems, online marketing allows firms to track user purchases, monitor online activity and analyze statistics so that they can target their customers more effectively. If a particular product sells exceptionally well in a particular area or if a certain demographic is more likely to purchase a said product then the company will take note of that and use that information to their advantage.


Online marketing is a great way to gain your customer’s trust. And the best way to do that is to let them speak their mind about any product they purchase through online reviews and a sophisticated rating system

  • This will help in two regards:

One is the psychological satisfaction of the customer as they will be at ease knowing that the company has their best interests at heart.

Secondly, the customer feedback is invaluable to top marketing companies that want to better their products. The reviews will highlight the strong and weak points of the purchase and the company will be able to make the right amendments if a sizable portion of the community echoes the same sentiment.


An Online marketing agency has the added advantage of follow-ups with previous customers to keep them engaged in case they need to make further purchases in the future. Repeat business, in general, thrives better.

Women entrepreneurship in the MENA region

Women as entrepreneurs are important for the economic growth of the country. In the MENA region, women have the lowest rate entrepreneur activity. North America, sub-Sahara are the place where total entrepreneur activity is high. In only seven economies the women had equal or high entrepreneurship than man. Other countries have less share of entrepreneurship for women. In developed countries, women are giving a special place in every field. Women are leading their country economy with a man and had proved that they care best in very field.

 Today’s situation in the MENA region:

Some interest had seen in women entrepreneurship in the MENA region. The recent studies are founding why women rate is low in the political participation and workforce. One study about MENA region showed great changes in human development. The literacy rate has been increased, the schooling of children is above the average and life expectancy rate is also increased. With all this development rate of women employment is still very low.

Still having improvement, MENA region has a barrier for women to interact with public and access to some resources.

Some of the barriers for women to enter the economic mainstream are as follow: 

The gap of gender: The MENA region has made many efforts to reduce the gender gap, but much things still have to raise for the social welfare of women.

  • The main barrier can be culture norms.
  • The civil law.
  • Barriers in business environment
  • Access to the financial resources

Disparities in MENA region:

Total entrepreneurship activity rates in the MENA region are explained by the diversity, social and historical development, governance and health, education, living standards that are key indicators of the human development. Generalizations are quite difficult across MENA region as it includes rich oil economies, small population and the large population of expat. This complicates to explain the variation in gender entrepreneurship and employment.

Every country in the Arab world is pressuring and confronting women entrepreneurship in different context. The barriers to women depend on the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that are specific to each country. Many studies blame mena low rate of women labor force is due to oil exporting. It contended that norms, that these oil-rich economies discourage women from working in this sector. It is seen that oil production reduces the women in labor force. These oil rich countries usually employed male and are having a male dominated workplace.

In the MENA region, oil is the source of income. These countries are oil sectors but still have fewer women labor workforce.

Enforcing Female entrepreneurship:

Efforts have been made to increase the women participation in business. The changes are made in policies, filling the gender gap and promoting women in business as well as in other sectors also. These policies can help to fill the gap, and a way to empower women in fields.

Despite all, women are very important in any country’s development. Having a part in business can make you country economy stronger.


Renewal of energy has become savior!


Different kinds of energies have incorporated much in our living. We are surviving because of the survival of these energy forces. Some energy forces die as time passes because of their originated resources are not much stable. Artificially created resources that release energy has a very limited life time. It decays as soon as its source dies. Thus it does not contribute in our living as much as it is required.
But there are some energies that never decays since their source is natural and those energies can be renewed as soon as it ends.

There was a time when the concept of renewal of energies was not much common. The project requiring a particular energy ends with an end to that energy. But with time, Scientists found out that some energies are immortal because they entirely depend on an immortal source such a solar energy, wind energy and others.

Even the super power countries completely rely upon coal and oil for their energy. But it’s pretty obvious that fossil fuel energy are not renewable and thus could not contribute once there lifetime ends. However, Scientist are finding ways to artificially increase the life time of these non-renewable energy so it can serve the specific purpose they are created for. But more than that, Scientists are found to be more concerned about ending their dependability on those energies that can’t be renewed. But it’s kind of impossible since our lives completely rely upon them and it’s not easy to throw those energy sources or energy forces out of our lives since they contribute much in our living and in making our lives better.

Consuming energy from natural resources can save a lot of resources and money of course. Since natural producers don’t ask any amount to extract energy however, creating energy artificially is time taking and expensive.

Types of renewable energy

Meanwhile different types of renewable energies have replaced a lot of artificially created energies thus bringing an end to those expensive energy sources and making out a way for utilizing natural resources.
Some types of renewable energies are given below:

Solar Power

Solar energy is entirely the main source of energy that contributes in almost all the projects including electricity and many other useful things. It is very cheap and inexpensive replacement of many resources. Technology has become so advanced that it can easily capture energy from sunlight using photo cells and thin films and using them for generating electric power while making an end to generators in real life.


It is again one of the natural resource for energy generator. It uses plants and waste material of animals for creating electricity. The shortcoming of this natural resource is that it’s not much common so it still remain a bit expensive.

 Wind Power

It is one of the fastest and most effective method for generating energy. It is used by turbines to generate electricity. It’s 10 times more effective than solar powe

Why Guelmim is different desert than others in the world


Guelmim is a desert which is also famous by the name of “a gateway to Sahara”. The area is becoming popular fast and main attraction for the tourists. Even the construction of an airport is also taking place here. There are many great spots as well as the natural products such as fruits are delicious. The best strategy is to get the local experience and visit ordinary places. Some of the interesting things which are not present in other deserts are as follows which improve the attraction of this desert.

Hunting in souk

With the experience of people who have visited this place, the most important thing is to hunt in the marketplace. The hunting is not all about the animals; tourists have a lot of things to hunt. When they find a new thing and experience a different item each time. The best things to capture here is the adventure offered by the simple place, the colours of different forms present in the markets, and the strange aroma of different things in the surrounding. It has all the things which tourism needs. A person can find many such aspects which are not expected generally in the Sahara desert.


The town is different regarding architecture as compared to other deserts. The whole city is walled and has a striking appearance. The houses are also protected by the walls which are specially made. The material used in walls is the red clay which is dried in the sun. In the surrounding of the city, there are many palm trees which offer a refreshing view. The food and shade are provided to the residents through these trees. Although the sight of this desert is historic, it is also the strong industrial area. A lot of trade is done through this land which is the key strength. Guelmim beads are also the main attraction for the tourists, especially women. These beads are not locally made, but they are now associated with the Guelmim desert. Beads are imported from Venice and additional areas of Europe.

Camel market

The camel market is the main attraction of Geulmim desert because it is the biggest market in the whole country which is held on every Saturday in the morning. The chief players in the market are the Blue Men who are given this name because of the colour of clothes they wear. The camels of multiple kinds are present, and people from all around the world come here to buy and see the different types of camels. There is also a camel festival which is held every year on the same date in July. This festival shows the tourists about the culture and rituals of this small desert and its residents.

The city of Guelmim is the capital and has multiple important and distinct points. It is not like the other deserts. People especially come from the whole world to enjoy the natural and simple living in this region and see the camel festival.

Why is Media Literacy important for underdeveloped countries?

media literacy

The people who can read or write demand the great ability of the country the great ability of the country is to get developed with that knowledge regarding personals. The people who can read and write have always been changing the fate of the country. There are more than hundred thousand of people in different countries that can’t read and write thus they are not giving everything to their mother country. Media literacy is a new source of information for many people. Since it is taking over the internet with a striking power. Media literacy has grown ever since its introduction into the society. There are more than one fields get open with the introduction of media literacy proven to be an important walking point for those countries which are totally controlling people from the media.

What is meant to read different kinds of media?

The ability to read different kind situations is the most renowned skill of this ERA. Experts have also given a nickname towards this skill known as the skill of the century. The ability to access the general situation what the situation is. How the situation was created. What are the different angles of the situation? Where can be the situation should be headed. What are the reliable factors of through situation can be accessed? After all this thinking process is done, the situation can be used to create media for different people. When we watch the television, there is not only one message getting delivered to the media. There are many messages that are getting delivered towards the media at a right amount of time. Only specially trained people who are well connected towards the media can read the message and create their own meanings of the message. The message could be for masses or for the people who are thinking in a certain way.

Why are media skills called the educational standards of every state?

These should be the educational standard of every stage they should be able to produce a mass result and proper result. Media skills teach special kind of skills. Those skills which students get over the years of experience in their life, they can get that experience in an instant. If they are properly taught, then these young ones would acquire the critical thinking. In normal life, many achieve after several years of experience in the harsh field. People need to understand what is the difference between right and advance thinking. Old kind of thinking structure is good it teaches ethics, but it takes away the correct exposure from the society. The Society may get soft over the years but a person of critical thinking would never go soft and would never let anything to cloud their judgment.

Media is a very power status one need not have enough power to understand and take control of such status. People who don’t know this are not able to understand what is happening what front of their nose. How different people are moving toward the goals. How easily masses are getting manipulated in the country. That is why media literacy is required to educate people on a large scale.