How to apply new social media tactics to your business

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With the changing eras, social media has gained great importance overtime. Most of the businesses are advertising through social media channels and that proves to be so attractive. So here are some tactics that if you’ll apple in social media advertising of your business, you will surely be successful:

Don’t hide your personality:

The very first tactic that you need to apply to your business is that you need to show up the person behind the brand which you are promoting. There was a time when doing safe branding was okay and people never bothered to know the person behind the idea, but know be bold, take the occasional risk and let the people know about the person behind the account.

There are the chances of funny memes or humorous content but still if your brand is good and people are attracted towards it then all that memes and contents will soon be obsolete.

Think out of the box:

There are a large number of brands that are promoting their brand through social media. For you, the main thing is to think out of the box. You employees and customers could be used as brand advocates, ask them to promote the brand beyond the brand’s account and on their personal accounts too. This is the way when you could get more or even buy Instagram followers of your brand by engaging you team with you.

Go Live:

Face book has come up with a new trend of live video that could help you more in promoting your brand. The regular videos that you upload gain six times less interactions than that of the live videos. Live videos can’t be skipped or opted to watch later as like videos that are on YouTube that is why live videos are compelling and they are refreshing for the people who are just bored by watching the same old and boring videos.

Focus on Small Influencers:

Buy Instagram LikesUsually the brands with 100,000+ likes are considered to be fake by the customers and public. The best way for you to get people’s attraction towards your brand is that you must start by the small influencers. As it has been observed in different studies that the accounts with less followers have more people engagements than the accounts with more followers have.

Tag influencers:

Tagging has always been a good tactic in using social media. Whether its hastags or tagging influencers or different brands in your promotional posts, it always gains the attraction of people and this is the way by which you can target a huge audience.

Find your best content and then repurpose it:

Being a brand that has been using social media to get promotion, you need to fill up your social calendar with a yon of content and if you are running out of time then you must find ways to repurpose the content of yours that has always been the best. You could use quotations and statistics from different blogs and then turn it into graphic and post it. You can use data from case studies or issues that have been discussed before on social media. This is the way in which you could use the old data and facts and then repurpose that to get the people attracted towards your brand.