Why Guelmim is different desert than others in the world


Guelmim is a desert which is also famous by the name of “a gateway to Sahara”. The area is becoming popular fast and main attraction for the tourists. Even the construction of an airport is also taking place here. There are many great spots as well as the natural products such as fruits are delicious. The best strategy is to get the local experience and visit ordinary places. Some of the interesting things which are not present in other deserts are as follows which improve the attraction of this desert.

Hunting in souk

With the experience of people who have visited this place, the most important thing is to hunt in the marketplace. The hunting is not all about the animals; tourists have a lot of things to hunt. When they find a new thing and experience a different item each time. The best things to capture here is the adventure offered by the simple place, the colours of different forms present in the markets, and the strange aroma of different things in the surrounding. It has all the things which tourism needs. A person can find many such aspects which are not expected generally in the Sahara desert.


The town is different regarding architecture as compared to other deserts. The whole city is walled and has a striking appearance. The houses are also protected by the walls which are specially made. The material used in walls is the red clay which is dried in the sun. In the surrounding of the city, there are many palm trees which offer a refreshing view. The food and shade are provided to the residents through these trees. Although the sight of this desert is historic, it is also the strong industrial area. A lot of trade is done through this land which is the key strength. Guelmim beads are also the main attraction for the tourists, especially women. These beads are not locally made, but they are now associated with the Guelmim desert. Beads are imported from Venice and additional areas of Europe.

Camel market

The camel market is the main attraction of Geulmim desert because it is the biggest market in the whole country which is held on every Saturday in the morning. The chief players in the market are the Blue Men who are given this name because of the colour of clothes they wear. The camels of multiple kinds are present, and people from all around the world come here to buy and see the different types of camels. There is also a camel festival which is held every year on the same date in July. This festival shows the tourists about the culture and rituals of this small desert and its residents.

The city of Guelmim is the capital and has multiple important and distinct points. It is not like the other deserts. People especially come from the whole world to enjoy the natural and simple living in this region and see the camel festival.