Why is Media Literacy important for underdeveloped countries?

media literacy

The people who can read or write demand the great ability of the country the great ability of the country is to get developed with that knowledge regarding personals. The people who can read and write have always been changing the fate of the country. There are more than hundred thousand of people in different countries that can’t read and write thus they are not giving everything to their mother country. Media literacy is a new source of information for many people. Since it is taking over the internet with a striking power. Media literacy has grown ever since its introduction into the society. There are more than one fields get open with the introduction of media literacy proven to be an important walking point for those countries which are totally controlling people from the media.

What is meant to read different kinds of media?

The ability to read different kind situations is the most renowned skill of this ERA. Experts have also given a nickname towards this skill known as the skill of the century. The ability to access the general situation what the situation is. How the situation was created. What are the different angles of the situation? Where can be the situation should be headed. What are the reliable factors of through situation can be accessed? After all this thinking process is done, the situation can be used to create media for different people. When we watch the television, there is not only one message getting delivered to the media. There are many messages that are getting delivered towards the media at a right amount of time. Only specially trained people who are well connected towards the media can read the message and create their own meanings of the message. The message could be for masses or for the people who are thinking in a certain way.

Why are media skills called the educational standards of every state?

These should be the educational standard of every stage they should be able to produce a mass result and proper result. Media skills teach special kind of skills. Those skills which students get over the years of experience in their life, they can get that experience in an instant. If they are properly taught, then these young ones would acquire the critical thinking. In normal life, many achieve after several years of experience in the harsh field. People need to understand what is the difference between right and advance thinking. Old kind of thinking structure is good it teaches ethics, but it takes away the correct exposure from the society. The Society may get soft over the years but a person of critical thinking would never go soft and would never let anything to cloud their judgment.

Media is a very power status one need not have enough power to understand and take control of such status. People who don’t know this are not able to understand what is happening what front of their nose. How different people are moving toward the goals. How easily masses are getting manipulated in the country. That is why media literacy is required to educate people on a large scale.