Women entrepreneurship in the MENA region

Women as entrepreneurs are important for the economic growth of the country. In the MENA region, women have the lowest rate entrepreneur activity. North America, sub-Sahara are the place where total entrepreneur activity is high. In only seven economies the women had equal or high entrepreneurship than man. Other countries have less share of entrepreneurship for women. In developed countries, women are giving a special place in every field. Women are leading their country economy with a man and had proved that they care best in very field.

 Today’s situation in the MENA region:

Some interest had seen in women entrepreneurship in the MENA region. The recent studies are founding why women rate is low in the political participation and workforce. One study about MENA region showed great changes in human development. The literacy rate has been increased, the schooling of children is above the average and life expectancy rate is also increased. With all this development rate of women employment is still very low.

Still having improvement, MENA region has a barrier for women to interact with public and access to some resources.

Some of the barriers for women to enter the economic mainstream are as follow: 

The gap of gender: The MENA region has made many efforts to reduce the gender gap, but much things still have to raise for the social welfare of women.

  • The main barrier can be culture norms.
  • The civil law.
  • Barriers in business environment
  • Access to the financial resources

Disparities in MENA region:

Total entrepreneurship activity rates in the MENA region are explained by the diversity, social and historical development, governance and health, education, living standards that are key indicators of the human development. Generalizations are quite difficult across MENA region as it includes rich oil economies, small population and the large population of expat. This complicates to explain the variation in gender entrepreneurship and employment.

Every country in the Arab world is pressuring and confronting women entrepreneurship in different context. The barriers to women depend on the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that are specific to each country. Many studies blame mena low rate of women labor force is due to oil exporting. It contended that norms, that these oil-rich economies discourage women from working in this sector. It is seen that oil production reduces the women in labor force. These oil rich countries usually employed male and are having a male dominated workplace.

In the MENA region, oil is the source of income. These countries are oil sectors but still have fewer women labor workforce.

Enforcing Female entrepreneurship:

Efforts have been made to increase the women participation in business. The changes are made in policies, filling the gender gap and promoting women in business as well as in other sectors also. These policies can help to fill the gap, and a way to empower women in fields.

Despite all, women are very important in any country’s development. Having a part in business can make you country economy stronger.